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Playable Dreams started in our childhood, on a long journey were we discovered the origin of passion and that, changed everything. It opened the gates of our imagination, it allowed us to escape reality when we need it most and ultimately showed us the meaning of fun and how to share it with the others.

We went through an adventure of discovery of magical worlds only bounded to the limitless of imagination, populated with benevolent heroes and mischievous villains, an odyssey replete of dangers but also full of hope and honor.
We discovered that creativity is intrinsic to everyone, and we learned to blend it with our passion which allowed us to create our own worlds and stories that remained inside us.

Soon we realized the objective we wanted to achieve was a colossal challenge. With time that trial become a dream goal that took the shape of resilience and will. And since then, our dreams have been the driving force that inspire us, that encourage us and that motivate us to keep going.

And just like that kid that once dreamed, we want to make the world a better place by creating games for the child inside each of us, games to draw energy from, and return to our realities knowing that we are the hero and that anything is possible when we embrace our dreams.

Seize your dreams. 

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