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Through the years in this industry we have been learning from so many talented professionals. During that journey we have defined and refined a recipe to create dreams – the DNA of our games.

This recipe embodies 8 different and equally important aspects:

In one word, gameplay. The player needs to feel the control over the game, which should be deep enough to provide a mastery curve as well as having the right amount of challenge overtime to put our players in state of flow whenever possible.

We believe gameplay and narrative need to be hand by hand to offer a memorable and engaging experience. A deep narrative setting serving as a context for the characters to live in, tied together with a story that contributes to the player engagement and doesn't feel forced or required.

Every player loves to see or experience something new, that no one has ever seen. Invention is something certainly challenging, we will do our best to find it despite we might never achieve it, however, innovation is a must. A dream needs to have a certain degree of novelty, otherwise we need to go back to the brainstorming room.

Dreams must be believable and satisfying, controls have to be transparent to the player, and mechanics need to feel natural and understandable. It's our goal to create a connection between the player and the characters he controls, he needs to feel satisfied when he overcomes an obstacle or sad when a friendly face has fallen in battle. Special attention to usability, feedback and feel are key to connect players with our dreams.

We believe choices are the key to gameplay, too few choices and players will feel bored, too many choices and player will feel overwhelmed. However, the right combination of choices will awaken the player's curiosity and invite him to try a new strategy or see what happens when that item is combined with that other one in that particular situation.

A world without sounds is like a lifeless diorama, it is not enough to have a background tune underneath a dream. The aural aspect needs to enhance and make the experiences real for our players. Create the right mood for the right moment, whether is to make the player feel like everything is possible, to making him feel sad and lost. The aural aspect of our dreams in all their forms has an important role to contribute to the overall experience.

Knowing when to raise the intensity or when to let the player take a break. Understanding when players feel like they mastered the available mechanics to introduce a new one that opens new possibilities. We believe dreams need a meticulously crafted progression to engage our players, to help them get out and in of the dream. Finally dreams need to have the right duration for a memorable experience.

Create a world that is alive where unexpected things can happen is the final touch of our recipe. We want to draw a smile in the player face every now and then, whether is with a small detail he noticed to a completely unexpected situation that blows his mind.

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